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DriverView is a tablet supported feature that provides live audio turn-by-turn and visual ‘bread-crumb’ directions for drivers while they’re driving. It also displays student information for boarding or exiting in real-time and can include photos of each student. Also supporting safety, DriverView will alert drivers if students attempt to board or exit at unassigned stops.

Our entire solution is aimed at student safety

Reducing expenses for schools and peace-of-mind for parents.
We also have a WiFi tablet solution, called SubDriverView, which also provides audio and visual turnby-turn directions and pop-up student data when boarding and exiting buses. For SubDriverView, the routes need to be loaded to the tablet prior to the route (if there are changes), but there is no real-time communications between the school and the tablet. But it’s a very economical solution and can be moved from bus to bus and is really good for substitute driver situations.