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Comprehensive Transportation Solution

A very user-friendly school transportation solution, which provides bus tracking, student monitoring, parent access, route creation / management and video surveillance – all in a single platform.

A true one-stop-shop, so no need for numerous vendor contracts, separate combined systems or multiple username / passwords.

BusView is modular and can be packaged to fit all needs and budgets.

Our solution is developed and owned by us, so no third-party add-on expenses. We keep our pricing simple and value-based, with free onsite training, free updates with new features and no contracts.

Our Features

Monitors location, speed, stops, idle-time and tracks mileage, engine-hours, battery voltage in real-time and viewable on map. BusView also provides auto-reminders on maintenance and time-bound issues.

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Provides location, date and time when students are boarding / exiting buses. Our app also provides RFID reads for Parent Pick-up, which ensures 100% student accountability.

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Parents can see the bus enroute for their child's bus and see when their child boards / exits buses, as well as alerts for routes on late buses, mechanical issues, etc. Parents can also change bus routes or to parent pick-up for their kids.

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Easily develop routes from scratch, optimize routes, manage routes and print route-sheets…includes advanced tools that contribute to user-friendliness.

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Provides real-time audio and visual turn-by-turn directions, as well as Student Data on pickup and drop-off, including student authorization on boarding.

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Our solution provides multiple camera types, including wide-angled HD cameras, both for external and internal surveillance, HD DVR, GPS Receiver. CameraView can be accessed via the BusView portal, so no need for multiple usernames / passwords or additional monitors.

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Provide peace-of-mind to parents with real-time location data for their kids.

Request Bus Change or Parent Pickup

Eliminate calls from parents requesting bus changes and changes to Parent Pickup. Set cut-off time to ensure campuses and transportation has plenty of time for changes. Auto Reports distributed to each campus and transportation department.

Bus Location

Parents can see the location of the bus their student is riding, which results in dramatically reduced calls to the school about bus status, location and timing.

Field Trip Notifications

Parents can subscribe to trip notifications and they will receive automatic alerts when the bus reaches 20-miles from the school.

Authorized Locations

Allows parents to enter locations where their child is authorized to exit the bus (e.g. Mom's Work). Parents will receive real-time alerts with map-based location if their child scans to exit (or board) at an unauthorized location.


User-friendly, Flexible and Low Cost

Easy To Install

Our system is easy to install and can be done easily by your bus maintenance staff. We provide free hands-on training, installation videos and support documentation. We can also provide installation for a fee.

Low Cost

Our focus has always been on making our solutions available to everyone. We designed, built and own our solution, so we do not have large third-party expenses, allowing us to keep our overhead low. We do not believe a school has to be rich to afford child safety, secure transportation and peace-of-mind for parents.

Easy To Use

An intuitive solution that is accessible from any internet-connected device.  We designed and built our solution to utilize the latest technologies and every feature was designed with a focus on ease-of-use.  

Modular-based Design

BusView has a base platform with add-on modules, so it can be customized to fit specific needs and budgets.

Automated Reports

Automatically get reports for all student / transportation issues, including bus activity, fleet productivity, alerts, maintenance, driver history, student ridership, parent pickup, field trips, etc. Our free reports can be customized to fit all requirements.

Unlimited Online Training

We offer unlimited online training, from how-to videos to one-on-one screen sharing sessions to help you train new employees.


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Frequently Ask Questions

BusView is an enterprise level GPS tracking solution that lets you track location, speed and heading of your busses. Includes unlimited geo-fences, subscribable reports, bus maintenance tracking and reminders. See exact location of every bus stop.
StudentView ties in to our bus tracking solution, BusView, adding an RFID reader to each bus. Each student is issued an ID card with an RFID chip inside it and scans the ID when entering or exiting the bus. Our system automatically tags the students location and the date/time each time they scan their card. This allows school administration to easily find the location of any student.
ParentView is an app that can be installed allowing parents to see the location of their student's bus as well as limited historical data. Parents can submit transportation change requests electronically, freeing up office staff from having to answer as many calls. Additionally, parents can subscribe to alert notifications, like the field trip notification that will send them a message when the bus is 15-20 minutes from the school.
We have been in the vehicle telematics business since 2010. Our parent company has been in the transportation industry for over 30 years. To learn more about us click here.

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