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BusView is the base platform for our transportation solution and is both an individual feature and the overall name of our solution. It includes hardware (GPS tracker), which is permanently installed on each bus and related software that we designed, developed and continue to create updated features and maintain.

BusView tracks buses in real-time on a map

And monitors many factors, including location, speed, direction, stops, idle-time, turns and impacts, to name a few. BusView also supports bus and white fleet, as it can send maintenance reminders, based on mileage and/or engine hours. It monitors battery voltage, so can send reminders when batteries dip below defined thresholds.

BusView ensures everything is reported and stored digitally

No more handwritten notes or misplaced clipboards. All details are stored on the cloud and encrypted and can be viewed from any device, downloaded, printed and/or modified, as needed. Auto-reports can also be scheduled and emailed to all responsible parties.
For small schools, the BusView feature may be sufficient – simple, monitors key issues, fulfills all reporting needs and cost efficient.